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​The colloquium of the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch is a biannual public forum where some current issue of relevance is raised. Its purpose is to give students in particular a chance to participate in a kind of informed, open and exploratory dialogue. In our opinion, we thus satisfy an increasingly urgent need of developing a critical conscience on contemporary discourses and contested issues, often with reference to the role of literature and other artistic forms in our complicated company. The opportunities also serve to celebrate that it is possible to discuss any difficult matter with a kind of informal grace, by maintaining self-respect, respect for others and a courteous, witty rhetorical style. Our invited guests hail from a broad spectrum of writers, thinkers, musicians and activists from within and outside Stellenbosch University. The format ranges from presentations to lectures to panel discussions and extensive personal interviews.

2016: Die Antroposeen en klimaatsverandering

2015: Bou jou eie Departement AFRIKAANS

2014: MENS DIER DING Alfred Schaffer oor sy veelsydige digterskap: Gesprek met Marlene van Niekerk

2012: Jonathan Zapiro in gesprek met Marlene van Niekerk

2010: Brief aan Suid-Afrika - Digters skryf 'n gedig as "antwoord" op  Allen Ginsberg se  gedig "America", maar met verwysing na Suid-Afrika

2009: Larkin in Afrikaans: 'n Eksperiment in vertaling

2008: MYSTIC BOERE: Lirieke in Afrikaanse rockmusiek

2007: Ivan Vladislavic in gesprek met Marlene van Niekerk