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Postgraduate Programmes in Horticulture


BScHons in Applied Plant Physiology

The proposed programme aims to accommodate students with an appropriate three-year Bachelor of Science degree from a national or international institution, with an interest in postgraduate studies in Horticulture. Students in possession of an appropriate BSc degree, majoring in Botany or Biochemistry or Genetics or Plant Biotechnology and with an average performance mark of 60% in these major subjects will be considered for admission. The Honours programme in Applied Plant Physiology is designed to strengthen the student’s knowledge and competencies in the discipline of Horticultural Sciences, with emphasis on plant physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms, which is relevant to production and quality systems within horticultural crops. Students will be equipped in research methodology, whilst writing and presentation skills will also be developed. These skills will enable them to apply for further postgraduate studies offered in Horticulture (MScAgric). ​
As part of the BScHons the student is expected to succesfully complete various modules.  See Year Book


MScAg​​ric (Horticulture)

This programme consists of a two-year research-based MScAgric degree. Research of an approved topic as decided on by the department. An MSc thesis containing original research is required. At the completion of the study an acceptable thesis must be submitted and an oral examination will be held.​

Admission ​Requ​​irement

  • A 4-year BScAgric degree in Horticultural Science with a minimum average of 60% for all final year subjects OR an Honours degree in Applied Plant Physiology with a minimum average of 60%​


P​hD (Horticulture)

This programme focuses on research in one of the various specialization fields of  Horticultural Science and trains students to become a subject specialist in this field. A PhD dissertation, Horticultural Science 978, containing original research is required. Research of an approved topic as decided on by the department. At the completion of the study an acceptable thesis must be submitted. An oral examination will be held.​​

Admission ​Requ​​irements

  • A​n MScAgric or MSc degree in Horticultural Science.​​


What use is a PhD in Horticulture? - Julian Heyes (extract from Chronica Horticulturae)


Please consult the Faculty Year Book for more detailed information on the modules involved: 

Faculty of AgriSciences Year book 

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