Horticultural Sciences
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Academic Staff


​Dr Lyn​n Hoffman

De​​​​p​​artmental Chair

Senior lecturer

Research Focus: Ornamentals & ornamental  nutrition; Pre- and postharvest research on ornamentals cutflowers and potted plants, with   focus on indigenous Cape Flora; Crop Physiology


​Prof Karen Theron

Chair in applied Preh​​arvest Dedicious Fruit Research


Research Focus: Preharvest (Decidious)



​Prof Linus Opara

SARCHI in Postharvest Technology


Distinguished professor

Research Focus: Pomegranate postharvest and processing




​Dr Elk​e Crouch

Molteno Research Chair in Deciduous Postharvest Research

Senior Lecturer

Research Focus: Postharvest defects of deciduous fruit such as mealiness,  internal browning and superficial scald breakdown; longterm cold storage of fruit, including controlled atmospheric (CA) and dynamic atmospheric storage of deciduous fruit


​Dr Elmi L​ö​tze​

Senior Lecturer: Applied Plant Physiology

Research Focus: Fruit quality as affected by nutrition with emphasis on Ca, B and Zn, water management, particularly the use of different irrigation technologies; mulching, cover crops, and root dyanmics


Dr Esme Louw

Lecturer: Pre-harvest horticulture

Research focus on the commercial production of deciduous fruit in a marginal climate. Insufficient winter chill, cultivar adaptability, prolonged dormancy symptoms and budbreak patterns  


Dr Michael Schmeisser

Senior Lecturer: Crop Production & Applied Plant Physiology

Research Focus: Developing teaching approaches relevant to the training of horticulture students;  Eco- and stress physiology of fruit crops


​Prof Paul Cronje

Assosiciate Professor: Seconded CRI researcher

Research Focus: Citrus postharvest, cold chain and Citrus rind disorders




Dr ​​​Xolani Siboza

Research Associate: Seconded HortGro researcher


Research Focus: Importance and role of rootstocks in de​ciduous fruit production



01_Ola Fawole.JPG

Dr Olaniyi Fawole

Senior Researcher: SARCHI Postharvest biology and technology of pomegranate

Research Focus: postharvest disorders and the management thereof in stone fruit; research into the applicable of edible coatings to reduce moisture loss in fruit crops


03_Pieter Raath.JPG

​Dr Piete​r Raath

Research Associate: Seconded Citrus Research International (CRI) researcher

Research Focus: Citrus mineral nutrition and water management


02_Tarl Berry.jpeg

​Dr Tarl​​ Berry

Research Associate: Seconded Citrus Research International (CRI) researcher

​Research focus: ; Cold chain management; postharvest biology and technology of Citrus