Horticultural Sciences
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​​​​Maturity indexing and sample preparation laboratory: ​​​​

  • ​Automatic titrator

  • Fruit texture analysis system (FTA)

  • ​Colorimeters

Cold storage and CA facilities: 

  • 11 Cold storage units equipped with fully controlled atmosphere (CA) ability


  • HPLCs

  • Gas chromatgrpahs (GCs)

  • Auto-analyzer

  • Freeze driers

  • -80°C and -40°C freezers

Wellgevallen experimental farm:

The farm is scenically situated on the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain , within 3 km of the campus and comprises 6 ha of deciduous and citrus orchards. During the mid-1990's, the farm was re-developed and modern cultivars established, including bi-coloured apples (Cripps' Pink and Royal Gala), bi-coloured pears (Rosemarie, Forelle), plums (Songold, Laetitia, Larry Ann), soft citrus (Satsuma, Clementine mandarin). Different training systems and planting distances were used and are being evaluated. The farm is managed on a commercial basis, but also serves as a training ground for students and for the evaluation of new/improved technology e.g. evaporative cooling systems.