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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Established in 1918, the Department of Horticultural Science is over 100 years old and remains recognised, both nationally and internationally, as the foremost academic department for teaching, research, and technology transfer in Africa. The training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the pre- and post-harvest biology, physiology and technology of commercial fruit tree systems and floriculture are the key objectives of the department.

Following a period of gradual growth and increasing emphasis on the science of fruit production (as the Department of Pomology), the Department experienced a new phase of rapid expansion and focus on research and post-graduate education from the early 1980's. During this period, expertise was also developed for the cut-flower industry (mainly indigenous fynbos cultivars) as well as the citrus industry in the Western Cape. To reflect this increasing diversity, a name-change to the Department of Horticultural Science was implemented in 1974.

During the last 15 years, research facilities in the laboratories as well as the field have been vastly improved. Starting with the development of carbohydrate and plant growth regulator laboratories and leading to the acquisition of modern equipment for post-harvest and eco-physiological research, the Department is now well positioned for world-class research and training.  ​​​​​​

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