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Admission requirements

Admission requirements

  • NSC or IEB aggregate of at least 5 (60%) (Excluding Life Orientation)
  • English or Afrikaans (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4 (50%)
  • Mathematics 5 (60%)
  • Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry) 4 (50%)

*Admission requirement may differ on an annual basis, please refer to the official SU Yearbook

As a prospective student, you must also write the National Benchmark Test (NBT). You must write the Academic and Quantitative Literacy test and the Mathematics test.

An outline of the degree structure for the four year BSc Food Science degree:

First Year
Computer Skills 
Introduction to Food Science

Second Year
Food Processing and Preservation

Third Year
Food Biochemistry 
Food Chemistry 
Meat Science, Nutrition, Food Safety, Cereal Science & Sensory Science

Fourth Year 

Product Development
Food Chemistry & Analysis
Food Factory Machinery
Food Packaging

For complete information on degree structure, subject choices and application procedures, please refer to University of Stellenbosch

yearbook​ for the Faculty of AgriSciences, or contact staff at the University Administration.


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