​​Staff Members


Prof Pieter Gouws

Professor of Food Microbiology at the Department of Food Science,Stellenbosch University & Deputy Dean – teaching and learning at the Faculty of AgriSciences ​

His current research interests focuses on novel and innovative applications for the detection and control of unwanted bacteria in food, improvement of food safety and food quality, novel processing technologies and antibiotic resistance of foodborne bacteria. He is the author of various scientific papers and educates undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of food safety.  He was also an instrumental role player in the establishment of the Centre for Food Safety at Stellenbosch University.


Prof Gunnar Sigge

Associate-Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science, Stellenbosch University

His research is focused on wastewater treatment of food processing facilities, sustainable water use in the food industry, the food safety aspects related to water and processing, and alternative water disinfection systems.​

Dr Diane Rip

​Lecturer at the Department of Food Science, Stellenbosch University

Her research focus area covers food-borne pathogens that place a heavy burden on human health; ideally working towards a One Health approach (fostering partnerships with a multi-disciplinary team) to understand the relationship between bacteria from food, the environment and clinical origin. Organisms currently researched include, but are not limited to, Listeria monocytogenes and carbapenemase-producing bacteria in food producing animals and the environment. 


 Dr Maricel Krü​gel

Lecturer at the Department of Food Science, Stellenbosch University 

She is the coordinator of a dynamic and interesting module​, Trial Design and Product Development. She is a big advocate of collaboration and research interests include new product development, food safety and processing from farm to fork.​


​Dr Paul Williams

Senior lecturer at the Department of Food Science, Stellenbosch University