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Events and booking of venues

​Stellenbosch University staff and students should take note that bookings for all functions and events – including house dances, workshops, short courses, training sessions, sports events and staff gatherings – are strongly discouraged, even though these may be planned for much later in 2020.

It is expected that the lockdown risk levels may be adjusted, but social distancing will remain an important guideline for many months to come. It is also not clear when our institution will be able to return to full functionality with all staff and students back on our campuses.

The Institutional Committee for Business Continuity (ICBC) has taken the following decisions:

· that due to financial risks all bookings for functions and events at external venues are discouraged until clear guidelines are available;

· that any SU environment that proceeds with such arrangements, will be liable for any associated financial risks; and

· that agreements related to external venue bookings must address the relevant issues and must at least include a clause that the full deposit paid be returned if the lockdown is extended, or if COVID-19-related guidelines prohibits such an event.

For the same reasons no events bookings should be accepted for SU venues until further notice.​