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EMS Professor honoured for research excellence
Author: Division for Research Development/​Afdeling vir Navorsingontwikkeling
Published: 05/09/2022

Prof Martin Kidd of the Centre for Statistical Consultation (CSC) of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is the recipient of a Research Excellence Award.

The awards were recently presented to Stellenbosch University researchers who made the biggest contribution in terms of accredited publications during a specific period.

For the purpose of the recognition with regards to accredited publications, two categories were considered: (i) researchers making the biggest contributions in terms of the publication subsidy units of the Department of Higher Education and Training, and (ii) researchers who produced the highest number of accredited research publications in collaboration with their national and international research partners and students.

Prof Kidd received his award in the category for the number of accredited research publications.

Outgoing Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies, Prof Eugene Cloete, presented the awards and said “… new knowledge generated at SU in this manner is transferred to a global audience, thus enhancing the application of research results and the establishment of high-level human capacity.

“Researchers delivering these types of outputs of high quality are regarded as some of the most important assets at any university. I consider it a privilege to be able to give recognition to the outstanding performance of this group of researchers".

  • The Dean and the Faculty would like to congratulate Prof Kidd with his outstanding achievement.

  • The above information is based on an article by the Division for Research Development. For the original article and more information about the Research Excellence Awards and the recipients thereof, click here​.