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Resource material in isiXhosa for prospective students
Author: Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice | Sentrum vir Studentewerwing en Loopbaanadvies
Published: 29/09/2021

Stellenbosch University (SU) will for the first time be providing isiXhosa speaking prospective students with resource material in their home language that will enable them to make informed subject and career choices. This information was previously only offered in English and Afrikaans. 

The isiXhosa resource material will be made available on Language Day 2021 to schools for dissemination among their Grade 9 and 11 learners. Language Day, taking place on 30 September, will share the opportunities and possibilities multilingualism gives us. It will provide an opportunity for academics, students and professional academic support service staff to learn from each other in re-imagining conversations around language at SU.

The resource material, developed by SU's Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice, includes:

  • A Grade 9 and 11 frequently asked questions document;
  • A Grade 9 and 11 subject choice and career advice booklet; and
  • Grade 9 and 11 presentation video.

Similar resource material for Grade 12 will also be made available to schools from February 2022.

The Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice consists of a team of advisors who conduct school visits, expos and parent evenings, and educational psychologists who offer psychometric assessment for Grade 9 to 12 learners. The Centre will also be visiting isiXhosa schools in the Western Cape through its isiXhosa advisor Bongiwe Mdingi.

Leon van den Heever, director of the Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice, said SU is a multilingual institution that wants to serve its prospective market in the three official languages of the Western Cape – English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

“Stellenbosch University is committed to strategic enrolment management aimed at enhancing access and inclusivity, as well as to expand the university's knowledge offering to serve new students.

“During a year of disruptive changes, there have been few constants. But the need for higher education to deliver well-rounded professionals to the marketplace, building our nation and economy, is stronger than ever. The dreams and ideals of children and their parents to better their lives and contribute to the workplace are still there. Stellenbosch University aims to deliver this to prospective students in a way that immerses them in the university and what it stands for. Our unwavering belief in our value proposition, accompanied by a strong brand that stands for excellence and access, remains unshaken."

Van den Heever added that the Centre is committed to becoming a space where institutional values are lived and where diversity is embraced. 

“This resource material will greatly improve the authenticity of Stellenbosch University's undergraduate recruitment plans. We strive to create a space where prospective students are heard and included, and where students' engagement with our expert and efficient employees are professional and real."

“Through personalised interaction (relationship marketing), the Centre aims to create and maintain a pool of talented prospective students who are able to transition from basic education to higher education. The Centre consistently aims to help prospective students to gain a better understanding of SU's offerings."

  • The Grade 9 and 11 frequently asked questions and brochure will be available online on Schools can also request hard copies.
  • Schools can request the presentation video from Bongiwe Mdingi at  or phone 27 21 808 9189.