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Student administration and services: Arrangements within the context of COVID-19
Author: Dr Ronel Retief: Registrateur/Registrar ​
Published: 07/04/2020

​​​​​Dear Student

To ensure that we render a professional and client-centred service to students and other stakeholders during the lockdown, all our student-facing professional and support staff have been set up to work from home.

We have compiled a detailed list with all the contact details of staff members who are available to assist with student administration-related matters. The list is available on Stellenbosch University's dedicated COVID-19 webpage, w​here regular updates are posted for students and staff. Click here to access more information on the communication and service channels available during this time.

Given the unique circumstances the University and the student community is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following arrangements have also been made:


The registration closing date has been extended to 30 April 2020 for all students, provided that students who still have not registered have remained academically active since the start of the academic year and have written permission from the relevant academic department (in the case of undergraduate students) or supervisor (in the case of postgraduate students) to continue with their studies in 2020.

Requests for registration received after 30 April will be handled on a case-by-case basis, bearing in mind circumstances that might be related to the COVID-19 pandemic and for which there are supporting documentation.

Discontinuation of studies

The closing date for all students applying to discontinue studies without financial penalty has been extended to 30 April 2020. The rules regarding the discontinuation of studies are published in the SU General Calendar (Part 1), p. 113 and the SU Student Fees Calendar (Part 3), p. 49. In addition to the considerations already contained in the SU General Calendar (Part 1), circumstances explicitly related to the COVID-19 pandemic and sufficiently substantiated will also be considered as reasons for approving the discontinuation of studies without financial penalty.

Requests for the discontinuation of studies should be submitted to the relevant faculty administrator. Late requests for discontinuation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the relevant faculty.

International elective students and free-movers (international non-degree students coming for 1 or 2 semesters) should liaise directly with Stellenbosch University International (for students based at the Stellenbosch campus) and the Tygerberg International Office (for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences based at the Tygerberg campus) for the discontinuation of studies. Decisions to waive penalties will be taken in consultation with Student Fees.

Interruption of postgraduate (master's and doctoral) studies

The closing date for applications for interruption of postgraduate studies remains 30 April 2020. Rules regarding the interruption of studies are published in the SU General Calendar (Part 1), pp. 175–176. Additional to the considerations already included in the SU General Calendar (Part 1), circumstances explicitly related to the COVID-19 pandemic and sufficiently substantiated will also be considered as reasons for approving the interruption of studies without financial penalty.

Applications for interruption of studies received after 30 April 2020 and relating to considerations associated with COVID-19 may be considered by faculties and should be approved by the relevant governance structures of the University.

Students must submit a request for interruption of studies and supply the necessary supporting documentation to the relevant faculty administrator/academic department/supervisor, who will process the request according to the existing faculty-specific and institutional protocols.

Students on bursaries or sponsorships are reminded to discuss the implications of interruption of studies in terms of the continuation of funding upon resuming their studies with their supervisor/funder/sponsor.

COVID-19 impact on issuing of academic documents

Due to our staff working remotely, we are currently unable to provide you with your electronic or hard-copy academic documents, which include the following:
· Degree certificates
· Academic transcripts
· Proof of registration
· Certificate of Good Conduct.

If a declaration that you have qualified would suffice for your purposes, please e-mail your request to your faculty administrator or officer.

If you have ordered a duplicate document(s) – academic transcript and/or certificate – you may apply for a refund. Refund requests may be sent to together with proof of payment of the relevant amount and the completed banking details form. Alternatively, the duplicate document(s) will be issued as ordered once the University reopens.

Please do not hesitate to email for assistance with your enquiries.

All institutional communication on the University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be accessed here.

Although we find ourselves in this trying time, we are encouraged by your understanding and positive mindset. The situation is fluid, and we will keep you informed of any new developments through timeous and regular communication.

Kind regards

Dr Ronel Retief