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Chancellor's Awards for 2019
Author: Corporate Communication
Published: 11/12/2019

​A distinguishing feature of institutions with an ethos of excellence is that they offer various levels and forms of recognition for excellent performance. SU does this by means of, among others, our annual Chancellor's Awards for personnel. 

These prestige awards recognise staff whose careers attest to sustained excellence in research, innovation, learning and teaching, social impact and professional services. Congratulations to the recipients for 2019! They will be receiving their awards at our graduation ceremonies from 9 to 13 December.

RecipientSU environmentAward category
Mrs Gretchen ArangiesFaculty of Economic and Management SciencesProfessional services
Prof Andries BurgerFaculty of EngineeringResearch, teaching and learning, and social impact
Prof Usuf ChikteFaculty of Medicine and Health SciencesTeaching and learning
Mr Enzo DaguannoFaculty of EngineeringProfessional services
Prof Jacques du PlessisFaculty of LawResearch
Mrs Maryke Hunter-HüsselmannResponsibility centre (RC) for Research, Innovation and Postgraduate StudiesResearch and professional services
Prof Daniel Makinde Faculty of Military ScienceResearch
Prof Linus Opara Faculty of AgriSciencesResearch
Mr Pierre RossouwRegistrar's DivisionProfessional services
Prof Gilliam SchoombeeFaculty of Economic and Management SciencesProfessional services
Dr Jerome SlamatDivision of the RectorProfessional services
Mrs Susan van der MerweRC for Strategy and InternationalisationResearch and professional services
Prof Marlene van NiekerkFaculty of Arts and Social SciencesResearch