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Prevention of Attrocities and the Responsibility to Protect
Author: Francois Vreÿ
Published: 13/11/2019

SIGLA @ Stellenbosch partnered with the Royal Danish Embassy (RSA) and the Royal Danish Defence College (Copenhagen) to present a Round Table discussion and Public Lecture on Prevention of Attrocities​ by maintaining the  R2P principle (Responsibility 2 Protect). Prof Martin Menneke (Univ of Southern Denmark & Advisor to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on R2P) and Prof Karin Smith (Univ of Leiden & Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on R2P) led the discussions held at the ​ Johannesburg Attrocity and Holocaust Center on 7&8 November 2020.​ The Danish Ambassador to South Africa funds the series that commenced in 2016 to reinforce the Danish-SIGLA/Stellenbosch partnership.  Both days reflected a plea that the R2P concept is not Western, holds a strong Africa nexus and does not promote military intervention. It rather calls for governments to play their role, to read early signs of  attrocities and that leaders must note this in their own countries and help neigbouring countries to take early warning seriously and act in a preventative manner. The theme is repeated in 2020 to gain inputs from military personnel operating in environments calling for early warning to prevent attrocities.