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Participation in the SU Well-being, Culture and Climate at Work Survey 2019
Author: Office of the Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation & Personnel
Published: 30/10/2019

​We are excited to invite you to take part in the SU Well-being, Culture and Climate at Work Survey.  The purpose of the survey is firstly to determine the well-being levels of staff, and secondly, and very importantly, to get the opinion of staff about the culture and climate within the working environment.  

All staff at Stellenbosch University are encouraged to participate.  More information about the background of the survey, the rationale for the survey, your freedom/choice to take part, the confidentiality and independence of the survey, instructions on how to complete it, etc. are available below.  For your convenience, the links are provided immediately below, followed by the background information, rationale, etc.  

The survey is available in all three official languages of the Western Cape.  To complete the survey, simply click on the link that corresponds to your language of choice (Please note: Your inetkey must be open): 

  1. English:
  2. Xhosa:
  3. Afrikaans:

The survey should take you less than 20 minutes to complete

Background, and Becoming the Employer of Choice

In 2017, SU embarked on the first Climate and Culture survey.  720 staff members participated. The initial results indicated certain themes in which staff were positive about their experience at SU, and other themes required additional attention. Certain groupings of staff also had varied experiences, which SU management has tried to address. These groupings are: 

  • Female staff are statistically less positive about their role in decision making
  • BCIA staff are less positive about Addressing discrimination, Involvement in decision making and Equality,
  • Staff under the age of 40 are less positive about Opportunities for development, SU leadership, Involvement in decision making and in the former Strategy of the SU. 

Please see an addendum outlining progress made with regard to these key areas. 

SU Management requests that you participate in this second round survey in order to determine progress in particular themes and to determine any changes in the views of staff.  The new survey is an improvement on the 2017 version and we are confident that SU, and many individual environments, will benefit from everybody's collective input. 

Success in our continuous quest for excellence, relevance and a significant social impact, depends on our people - specifically our staff and our students. Therefore, it is important to develop an institutional climate of understanding, appreciation, tolerance of cultural differences and beliefs, and shared values.  

In support of SU's vision, mission, values and aspirations as outlined in SU Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019 - 2024, it is imperative to support the health and well-being of our employees. In SU's pursuit to be the employer of choice, we envisage an enabling environment that includes the principles of co-creation and appropriate participation, and embodies the characteristics of an inclusive campus culture. 

Why the survey?

The University strives to be an employer of choice and a leading university by continuously improving the working environment of all its staff - including academics and professional, administrative and support staff (PASS). Through the SU Well-being, Culture and Climate at Work Survey 2019, SU provides all staff with an opportunity to reflect on and express their views on a range of important matters affecting them as staff members. The result/findings of the survey will also provide the University leadership with an opportunity to identify and address, through a comprehensive and structured programme, key challenges adversely affecting staff.  

Voluntary Participation

Please note that your participation in this survey is purely voluntary. However, without your participation, SU will not be able to address areas of concern, or build on our strengths. You are therefore requested to answer all questions as frank and truthful as possible. The survey provides you, as a staff member, with an opportunity to provide the University with important feedback on how you feel about key issues affecting you. 

Confidentiality, anonymity and independence

All your answers are completely confidential and anonymous. This means that the University will not be able to link answers/responses to the survey to any staff member.  

The survey is being conducted on behalf of SU by the Division for Information Governance in collaboration with the Division for Human Resources.  The survey will be conducted from 28 October to 15 November 2019.  


All Stellenbosch University (SU) staff members are therefore kindly requested and encouraged to participate in the SU Well-being, Culture and Climate at Work Survey 2019.  The survey is available online. To complete the survey you simply have to click on the link that corresponds to your language of choice (Please note: Your inetkey must be open). 

  1. English:  
  2. Xhosa:  
  3. Afrikaans:  

It should take you less than 20 minutes to complete the survey. 

All staff members will receive a copy of this message via email on Monday 28 October 2019. 

Staff without email and internet

Alternative arrangements to participate in the survey will be made for staff members who do not have access to email and internet in the course of their official duties.  Line managers are therefore requested to inform staff members who do not have access to email and/or the internet in the course of their duties, to contact Ms Alvira Albertus at the Human Resources division ( or 021 808-2966) to arrange for participation in the survey.  

Please complete the survey, and then encourage each of your colleagues to do the same. We are looking forward to an excellent engagement and response. 

Thank you that we can rely on your valued participation.  

Prof Wim de Villiers
Rector and Vice-Chancellor