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CARMA raises awareness for World Heart Day
Author: Media & Communication, Faculty of Science
Published: 02/10/2019

​Members of the newly-established Centre for Cardio-Metabolic Research in Africa (CARMA) went the extra mile this week to raise awareness for the annual World Heart Day on 29 September.

Students on the Rooi Plain were invited to do a simple blood pressure assessment, as it is an early indicator of cardiovascular health and well-being. They could also express their feelings on a large canvas as a matter of self-reflection and to release some of the stress and tension they typically experience on campus.

Prof Faadiel Essop, director of the centre, mentioned that several of the students tested displayed altered blood pressures that raises early concerns and require further investigation.

Participating students were also counselled on optimal lifestyle risk factors such as balanced diets and to avoid excess fat and refined carbohydrates, to commit to regular exercise at least five times a week, ways to lower stress, to quit smoking and drugs, etc.

On the photo above, from left to right, are Leandrie Beselaar, Prof Faadiel Essop, Leanne Dominick, Hannah Geddie and Nina Truter. They are all from the Department of Physiological Sciences. Photo: Wiida Fourie-Basson