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Author: Marquard Timmey
Published: 30/08/2019

The services of the Unit for Graduand Career Services are aimed at preparing our students to navigate the transition to employment effectively and making it a meaningful experience. Transitioning from Education to Employment can be an overwhelming experience. Graduates may feel isolated, some may start planning too late for their transition to employment, and some find it difficult to choose between continuing with further studies and entering the world of work. It is also not uncommon for graduates to have unrealistic expectations of the world of work. Taking responsibility for their own career development is an essential 21th century life skill.

The Graduate Recruitment Programme (GRP) that is organised by the Unit for Graduand Career Services of the Centre for Student Counselling and Development is an opportunity for students to take charge of their career development. As part of the GRP, the Unit for Graduand Career Services hosted the annual Accounting, General and Engineering Career Fairs. Various companies used the opportunity to exhibit their career opportunities to SU students. The General Career Fair took place in marquee tents on the Rooiplein on Tuesday, 6 August. It had 39 companies exhibiting in 43 stands. The Accounting Career Fair also took place in the marquee tents on the Rooiplein on Wednesday, 7 August. It had 38 companies exhibiting in 50 stands. This represents the maximum number of stands allowed in the marquee tents. The Engineering Career Fair took place in Academia's Recreational Hall on Thursday, 8 August. It had 16 companies exhibiting in 18 stands. In spite of the cold and rainy weather over the three days, the career fairs were well attended by our students. Approximately 2784 students attended the General career Fair. The Accounting Career Fair was attended by 3534 students, while 858 students attended the Engineering Career Fair. The Career Fairs represent a unique network opportunity for students to engage with the employers who are present, find out what they expect from the graduates they employ and explore the opportunities on offer. This is also a great opportunity for our students to sell their skills, experience and qualifications. The Career Fairs form an integral part of our goal to create strong career communities consisting of students, employers, alumni, support staff and faculty staff. We received a lot of positive feedback from companies about the work readiness of our students and how they conducted themselves at the Career Fairs when engaging with company representatives e.g.

“Students seem to have done research before coming which is really nice. Students are polite. Well organised."

“The students seemed interested and engaging. Looking forward to appointing them."

“Overall good, we will definitely be back next year."