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Online Learning Design and Support Services
Author: Miné de Klerk
Published: 06/08/2019

​There are a number of learning design and support mechanisms available for the development of hybrid mode offerings (i.e. academic modules or programmes which include fully online learning 'blocks') and online short programmes at SU.

It is advisable that the module/course coordinator contact a relevant CLT advisor (see details below) as early on in the planning stages as possible.

Depending on the scope of each project (which can range from developing a single learning resource such as a video, to the hands-on development  of a full hybrid academic programme), the CLT advisor can share examples of past projects, and make recommendations on the possible next steps in the development process. Examples of relevant support services offered by the CLT include:

The design of a course 'storyboard' (i.e. an outline of recommended SUNOnline/SUNLearn-based learning activities)

  • The conversion of face to face learning material to interactive online resources
  • Graphic design of icons, logos  or other visual elements
  • Video recording and editing
  • The set-up and support for live webinars
  • Bespoke practical training for course presenters, administrators and/or online tutors to navigate and effectively use online teaching tools
  • Project-specific mini-workshops for academic teams, including both technical skills training and sharing of sound online pedagogical approaches

Some of these services, especially bespoke graphic design and video production for short programmes, have cost implications. In order to enable all SU staff that are exploring online/hybrid teaching approaches, the CLT can also offer suggestions on lower-cost options and training for staff that are interested in generating online resources themselves.

Please contact the Center for Learning Technologies (CLT)'s Learning Design Team for more information:

Miné de Klerk (Advisor: Online and Hybrid Learning) 

Nompilo Tshuma Advisor: Higher Education)