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Making a global impact with web research
Author: Riaan Rudman
Published: 30/10/2018

Auditing lecturer Professor Riaan Rudman of the School of Accountancy recently participated in the centennial conference of the National Library of Estonia.

Established in 1918, the same year in which the Republic of Estonia was proclaimed, the National Library of Estonia serves as the parliamentary library of that country. The conference entitled Imagine a National Library, was part and parcel of the official centenary anniversary events of the Republic of Estonia.

Following the opening remarks by the President of the Estonian Parliament, Mr Eiki Nestor, and the President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Ms Gloria Perez Salmeron, Prof Rudman delivered his address. His topic was the impact that the evolution of the internet and changes in online user behaviour have on libraries.

“I am honoured to be asked to speak at a library conference as the only chartered accountant in the room. It showcases not only the relevance of my research on web evolution, but also highlights the fact that South African research is recognised internationally," Prof Rudman said.

Other speakers from Sweden, Norway, Canada and the Netherlands addressed the challenges faced by libraries in the digital age, the functions of national libraries and their future services. These included: Dr Janis Kreslins (Royal Library of Sweden), Mr Aslak Sira Myhre (Director of the National Library of Norway), Dr Guy Berthiaume (Director of the National Library and Archives of Canada), Mr Roly Keating (Chief Executive of the British Library) as well as the Rector of the Estonian Art Academy, Prof Mart Kalm. 

Prof Rudman (on the far left on the photo below), in partnership with the Estonian Ministry of Culture, also gave public lectures on social media risks and acceptable online behaviour to the general public and staff of the National Library.

  • For a cartoon rendition of Prof Rudman's speech, click here.