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SIGLA @Stellenbosch participates in maritime security workshop
Author: Francois Vrey
Published: 29/03/2018

​SIGLA participated in a maritime security governance workshop in Victoria Seychelles over the period 19-23 March 2018. The hosts were the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (USA) and the government of Seychelles. The 5-day workshop comprised selected speakers on maritime security (Prof Francois Vrey from SIGLA @ Stellenbosch presented on maritime strategy formulation), followed by daily panel discussions to assist maritime officials from West, North, East and Southern Africa with strategy formulation. The workshop culminated with a visit to the newly-built piracy court in Victoria. The latter included a briefing by the Chief Justice and Judge President of Seychelles and the judge that heard al the appeals stemming from piracy trials. The Indian Ocean Commission and regional maritime co-ordination center also hosted and briefed the workshop group to highlight co-ordination of threats-responses and dealing with incidents in the Western Indian Ocean.