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Prof Du Plessis gives recognition to Maties Sport
Author: Maties Sport Media
Published: 13/03/2018

You are first and foremost a student at Stellenbosch University (SU) and then an athlete. You are student-athletes completing university degrees.

This was the message from Maties Sport's Deputy Director Mr Jerry Laka at the Maties Sport welcome function for coaches, captains, managers and chairpersons.

The same message was also emphasised by Prof Stan du Plessis, Chief Operating Officer of SU.

Prof Du Plessis gave credit and recognition to all parties involved with Maties Sport.

“We pride ourselves on the service we offer students. We realise that you are students first and sports stars second. The fact that Maties Sport has a 83% academic success rate is not by accident. This is thanks to the High Performance (HP) programme. We want to make sure you all have new experiences and perspective on life thanks to your sporting career at university. And remember to enjoy your time at Maties. We want to win, but we also want you to enjoy your student years."

2017 Sportswoman of the Year Frankie du Toit said that coming to Maties was never in doubt.

“I knew what and where I wanted to study right from the start. But I was still amazed at the support athletes receive from the High Performance Unit. This programme helps create well balanced individuals. In this environment you will get stronger, faster and better."

On behalf of the coaches, Maurice Fisher from Maties Athletics spoke about the team building camp the club had at the start of the year. “We established some core values such as unity, hard work and integrity. It is important that all the athletes at the club – any club – buy into the culture of that club. The culture must be decided by the athletes."

“We have to thank everyone for their hard work. Captains, coaches, managers and chairpersons: we want to be on the same page. We also want to grow the clubs and you have our support in your endeavours," said Laka.