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Maties win Dusi title
Author: Maties Sport Media
Published: 26/02/2018

Six months after setting their sights on the Dusi title, sisters Jordan and Cana Peek achieved their goal.

  • Photo credit: Anthony Grote

Earlier in February the Peeks, both members of the Maties Canoe Club, were crowned winners of the Dusi Canoe Marathon’s women’s category. They covered the distance of roughly 120 km between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in a combined time of 9 hours 45 minutes 23 seconds, 8 minutes ahead of the team in second place.

“Winning the Dusi was a surreal feeling. It only hit me two days after the event that we had achieved the goal we worked so hard for,” says Cana.

After crossing the finish line, Jordan felt overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that she could share the experience with her sister.

“We decided in July 2017 that we were going to give the Dusi a good shot. While in Stellenbosch we made time for gym to work on our strength and running as Dusi is a physically demanding race with quite a bit of portaging (carrying the canoe across land). When we got back home (Pietermaritzburg) in December we ran and paddled almost every day.”

According to the sisters, the Dusi is a great test of strength and character.

“You could be the fittest and strongest paddler on paper but when it comes to the Dusi there are so many other variables that come into play which makes the race unique in its own right. You could fall out your boat, break your boat/paddle or be affected by the dreaded Dusi guts. It’s all about making the least amount of mistakes and staying consistent throughout the three days,” adds Jordan.

Cana, who is studying towards a Sport Science degree at Stellenbosch University (SU), now has to return to the books.

“I need to catch up with my academics as the preparation for the Dusi was so intense. It was extremely difficult to juggle our training, studies and social life.”

Jordan graduated with a BA honours degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from SU in 2017.

They both love canoeing and being members of the local club.

For Cana, the best part of the Maties Canoe Club is the six-pack dam dice on Tuesdays and the friendships she’s made.

Jordan has always loved water sports and nature.

“Paddling is a way I can be outdoors and see places from a different perspective. I love how being involved in this sport allows you to make friends with similar interests. Canoeing also constantly challenges you especially when racing against such a strong and talented field of paddlers around the country.”

Other Maties Canoe Club members who participated in the Dusi were Mike Jamieson, Guy Musto, Brandon Macleod, Evan Knight, Holly Edmonds, Sarah Harries and Kerry-Ann Lyne. The Houston brothers had to withdraw due to illness.

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