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#MatiesMVFs support their team to the end
Author: Maties Sport Media
Published: 19/04/2017

Their main aim was to stand out, but they could never have predicted that their enthusiasm at FNB Maties' Varsity Cup games would attract this much attention.

It resulted in the Maties supporters Yaasiem Daniels (28) and Elbr√© van Rhyn (24), both Theology students  at Stellenbosch University, together with fellow Stellenbosch residents Sydney Pienaar (22), Dudley McKelly (27) and Danfred Nel (27) receiving a sponsorship to travel to Pretoria to support their team in the Varsity Cup final against FNB UP-Tuks.

Maties Rugby, Steers and Steinhoff made it possible for them.

With their coloured wigs and inexhaustible energy these five supporters attended all Maties' home games as well as the game against Ikeys in Cape Town and the Maties Young Guns' final against Tuks that took place at UWC last Monday. They were also named Maties Sport's #MatiesMVFs (most valued fans).

These five supporters are part of a bigger group of between 15 and 20 people that have not only been captured by local TV channels during games, but also star in a few international visitors' videos.

"We are known internationally," they joke. But they do not joke about rugby.

"Our blood is maroon," they say. "We stand together with the team. We ran on the field with them, we played with them and we lost with them. Their pain is our pain.

"We are a bit disappointed in the result, of course. But we still support them 100%."

They plan to support other sport codes with the same enthusiasm.

The group has quite an arsenal of songs and they practise it regularly when they braai together and prepare themselves for the next match.

They are incredibly grateful towards the sponsors for the opportunity to travel to Pretoria.

It was a first visit to Pretoria for Daniels and Nel.

Craig Barry, Maties captain, said it is very special to know that they have such incredible supporters.

"It definitely inspires us as players when we hear them, and believe me, we hear them. The men ooze enthusiasm and positivity. It is no secret that the full Danie Craven stadium played a big role in our success, so to have been able to take a small piece of that to Pretoria was wonderful. There is no doubt that Maties has the best supporters."

According to Quintin van Rooyen, Manager: Maties Rugby, they were impressed by the group's passion.

"The rest of the group watched the game at the fan park in the Neelsie," he said.