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SU Soil Science postgraduates shine at Combined Congress 2016
Author: AG Hardie and CE Clarke
Published: 18/02/2016

The Department of Soil Science (SU) postgraduate students and researchers did extremely well at the latest Soil Science Society of South Africa (SSSSA) Combined Congress held in Bloemfontein in 18-20 January 2016.

Mr Luan le Roux received the SSSSA award for best paper presented by SSSSA member under the age of 30 for his paper entitled: “The pedogenesis of bleached topsoils overlying weakly structured subsoils in the Western Cape and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa and their significance to Classification” by J.L. Le Roux, J.J.N Lambrechts, F. Ellis, W.P. de Clercq and C.E. Clarke

Ms Marilee Carstens received the Omnia award for best MSc soil student presentation entitled “Chemical and Photometric properties of bleached topsoils occurring on red and yellow-brown apedal subsoils” by M.E. Carstens, W.P. de Clercq, J.L le Roux and C.E. Clarke .

Dr George van Zijl, Dr Andrei Rozanov and Dr Freddie Ellis were awarded the SSSSA medal for the best soil science paper published in the South African Journal of Plant and Soil in 2014, which was based on the MSc work of George van Zijl conducted at the Department of Soil Science, Stellenbosch University.  The title of the paper was: “Understanding the combined effect of soil properties on gully erosion using quantile regression”.