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Division for Research Development (DRD) launches new SU researcher profile portal
Author: Division for Research Development | Afdeling Navorsingsontwikkeling
Published: 04/03/2024


​​The Division for Research Development (DRD) would like to introduce you to our new SU researcher profile portal DiscoveryAll full-time permanent academic staff members, as well as postdocs, have a profile which displays at:

The final phase of the launch of this new portal happens today (1 March 2024) with it becoming available to the wider public and being indexed by search engines.

This new researcher profile portal will assist in media liaison and public science communication; indicate the availability of staff for postgraduate supervision; and identify researchers within a specific area of expertise for possible collaborations and network engagements. Potential national and international research and industry partners can search the Discovery portal for SU experts, it may promote interdisciplinary networking among SU researchers, and it has the great potential to enhance the visibility of SU research strengths and individual research expertise. ​

The portal also includes new features, such as the showcasing of SU researchers` publication outputs as well as an indication of the alignment of their work to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union 2063 goals.

SU researchers who would like to update their profiles on the portal, have two options:

Access, search on your name, and click the 'Edit your profile' link at bottom-left of the screen.


You may login at

and choose 'Edit my profile' on the right-hand side of the screen.

*In both instances you will need your SU network credentials to sign in.*

To get you started, you may download the two guidance documents:

Or browse the FAQ webpage []

You are welcome to contact Ms Jennifer De Beer at or if you have any queries or if you need further assistance.​