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Author: Claudia Swart
Published: 15/02/2024


This year's PREDAC (Professional Educational Development for Academics) programme kicked off on 29 January at Devonvale Hotel and Golf Estate.


62 participants from 9 faculties and 1 centre enrolled for the programme.


Based on the feedback from the 2023 cohort, the contact sessions were moved to take place before classes start.  This allows participants the flexibility to determine when, during the year, they would like to complete the learning activities and assessments.


The first contact session took place from 29 – 31 January 2024.  During the three days participants engaged with all the elements of the DeLTA framework.  The DeLTA framework (see image) guides academics through the iterative and cyclical process of designing, facilitating and reflecting on TLA at SU to promote a transformative student learning experience in service of society. 


The three-day contact session is designed so that participants can experience various ways to facilitate learning.  Participants reflected on these experiences and chose what to apply in their own TLA contexts. Participants engaged with the T&L Policy during various learning activities to familiarize themselves with how the policy can guide their TLA practices. Participants are guided towards becoming reflective practitioners who think deliberately and critically about their TLA practices and systematically review and document their professional growth.


PREDAC consist of 5 phases and culminates in a poster presentation at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) conference.  During the next phase of PREDAC participants determine their own pace for their learning by completing several milestones.


The next contact session will take place on 7 June at STIAS.  The focus of the session will be Reflection.​