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Share details of your Mandela Day activities

This July, Stellenbosch University (SU) will participate in Mandela Day, an annual international event that calls on individuals to take action and make the world a better place.  

The Division for Social Impact is calling on the SU community to participate in Mandela Day, and to inform them of planned activities during the month of July. While the official Mandela Day takes place on 18 July, this year, SU's activities on the Stellenbosch campus will take place during the first week of the new semester when students are back on campus.

Staff can send details of planned activities to Michelle Pietersen by Monday, 24 June 2019. The information must include the following:

A paragraph indicating:

  • who is involved (SU stakeholder and partner)
  • where it is taking place
  • what is/are the activity/ies
  • when (date and time)
  • an invitation for involvement
  • contact person and contact details
  • photograph/s

The information will be used to compile a list of all Mandela Day activities for July, which will be placed on the SU website.