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DRD Info Session: Research Integrity and Ethics Series (session 8): Research Data Management
Start: 31/03/2023, 12:30
End: 31/03/2023, 14:00
Contact:Sive Ginya -
Location: MS Teams

Research Data Management (RDM) is a core principle of good research practice and scientific integrity. It addresses the quality management aspect of research data. RDM entails the process of planning how research data, including research participants' personal information, will be managed during and after a research project and how the collection, processing, analysis, sharing, curation, and reuse of research data will be controlled in compliance with the legislative, funder, information governance and University requirements. To enable compliance and to define the principles of governing RDM and the protection of personal information throughout its lifecycle, the RDM Regulations were included as part of the University's research and information governance frameworks.

In this session, the presenters will give an overview of the provisions of the RDM Regulations, the responsibilities of researchers and support divisions, and the RDM and data privacy platforms and tools that are available to researchers. Representatives from the various research support divisions that deliver RDM services will guide researchers in the practical implementation of RDM and the responsible management of personal information.


Hilda Kruger, Manager of Research Systems, IT

Samuel Simango, Manager of Research Data Services, Library, and Information Services Sarita Groenewald, Research Data Management, Division for Research Development

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