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Virtual Career Fairs
Start: 21/07/2020, 05:00
End: 13/08/2020, 05:00
Contact: -
Location: Online/ Aanlyn

With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the suspension of classes, all other on-campus activities were cancelled as well.

This included the annual Career Fairs, organised by the Unit for Graduand Career Services (CSCD), which are usually held in marquee tents on the Rooiplein.

The Unit however collaborated with SAGEA (South African Graduate Employers Association) of which they are a member, to host Virtual Career Fairs.

What seemed to be unknown territory quickly grew into a big event, with 22 other South African tertiary institutions,  approximately 90 employers and more than 20 000 students to date signing up for it!

The fair will be 'live' on three different dates: 21 and 29 July, and 13 August.

Students are encouraged to register for these events at

A demonstration of the fair can be viewed at:!home.

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