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As a postgraduate candidate, a maximum of three programmes is permitted upon application. P​lease ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements for all your programmes of interest.

Your application for admission to a postgraduate degree programme will ONLY be processed after the application has been finalised and all the correct supporting documentation has been uploaded before the programme's closing date. Click hereto view the presentation of academic qualifications and supporting documentation.​


​Clicking on the ​hyperlinks within the table below ​enables you to view the programme's information.​


 International      South Africa​​​

​​Associated Department
​Closing date
​​​​​​Closing date 
doctoral degrees 
PhD (Agricultural Economics and Management) or PhD (Agric)
Agricultural Economics​
​​31 October
​31 October
PhD (Agronomy) ​or PhD (Agric)
​Applications considered throughout the year
PhD (​Animal Production Systems) or PhD (Agric)
Animal Science
Applications considered throughout the year​
PhD with a specialisation in Conservation Ecology or PhD (Agric)​
​​Conservation Ecology and Entomology
​Applications considered throughout the year​
PhD (Entomology) ​or PhD (Agric)
Conservation Ecology and Entomology
​Applications considered throughout the year​​
PhD (Food Science) or PhD (Agric)
​​Food Science
​Applications considered throughout the year​​
PhD (Forestry and Wood Sciences) o​r PhD (Agric)
​Forestry and Wood Science
​Applications considered throughout the year​​​
PhD (Genetics) ​or PhD (Agric)
​Applicatio​ns considered throughout the year​​​
​​PhD (Horticultural Science) ​or
PhD (Agric)

Horticultural Science
30 September​​
30 September​​​​
PhD (​Nematology​) ​or PhD (Agric)

​​Conservation Ecology and Entomology
​​Applicatio​ns considered throughout the year​​​
PhD (​Oenology) ​or PhD (Agric)
​Viticulture and Oenology
​​Applicatio​ns considered throughout the year​​​​​​
​​​PhD (Plant Pathology) ​or PhD (Agric)
Plant Pathology
​​Applicatio​ns considered throughout t​he year​​​​​​
PhD (Soil Science) ​or PhD (Agric)
Soil Science
Applicatio​ns c​onsidered throughout t​he year​​​​​​​
​PhD (​Viticulture) ​or PhD (Agric)
​​Viticulture and Oenology
​​​Applicatio​ns c​onsidered throughout t​he year​​​​​​​​
PhD (​Wine Biotechnology) ​or
​PhD (Agric)

​Viticulture and Oenology:
Institute for Wine Biotechnology​

​Appli​catio​​ns c​onsidered throughout t​he year​​​​​​​​​

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