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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Department of Animal Science​​

The Department focuses its research mainly on basic and advanced aspects of applied animal nutrition, animal breeding, reproduction physiology, and the management of domesticated farm animals, wildlife species and aquatic species to ensure the production of quality products from the species. Research is conducted on ruminant animals (i.e. dairy cattle, beef cattle sheep and goats) and monogastric animals (i.e. poultry, pigs, ostriches and aquatic animals) as well as certain wildlife species. Emphasis is placed on the improvement of the production efficiency of farm animals by utilising technologies from the above-mentioned focus areas, and by conducting research on aspects of the product quality of the respective animal products. Research is also being conducted into livestock and development in smallholder and communal farming areas. 

Students interested in a master's degree can register for the MSc (Agric) in Animal Science in one of the following specialist fields of study: animal nutrition, animal breeding, animal physiology or animal products sciences. 

Prospective postgraduate students holding a relevant three-year BSc or B-degree can apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in Aquaculture.​


  • PGDip ​(Aquaculture)
  • MScAgric (Animal Science)
  • PhD (Animal Production Systems) ​

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