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Postgraduate Studies​​

      Postgraduate Program​​​mes

Across its ten faculties a comprehensive range of postgraduate programmes (diplomas, honours, master's and PhD) is offered. All postgraduate programmes are offered in English.

Very often it is most useful to identify and communicate with a potential academic supervisor, before applying. This is especially true if you plan on enrolling for a research-based degree programme (master's or doctoral). Most postgraduate programmes have a designated coordinator who can help you to get in touch with the most appropriate person in your field. It is thus useful to communicate with this person in advance.

To find the details of the postgraduate coordinator relevant to your programme, please select a Faculty below. In this manner, a whole range of questions related to actual projects, funding opportunities and other matters can normally be addressed. This can save a lot of time and effort in helping you to submit a well-prepared, relevant application.

Many departments may also require additional information from you that is not covered by the official university application form. All applicants must however submit an official university application form.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply when the electronic application system opens on 01 June 2021. Application for admission to postgraduate degree programmes for both South African and International candidates are subject to faculty specific closing dates.

Find out more about study choices at Honours, Master's and PhD level by coursework or through research based programmes by browsing the faculties' websites below.​​

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