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​​Please see important announcements for your attention further below.

Postgraduate Office (PGO) is a central support and liaison office for postgraduate students. Located within the Divi​sion for Research Development (DRD), the PGO is continuously working towards streamlining and enhancing the complete postgraduate experience for both supervisors and postgraduate students. The PGO seeks to create enabling postgraduate environments in collaboration with the faculties and other support service divisions, thereby improving the overall quality of the research experience for postgraduate students. The PGO approaches its task as an institutional representative to market postgraduate opportunities to prospective students during the postgraduate lifecycle (from application to graduation).

The PGO focuses on different aspects of postgraduate support:

Postgraduate Enrolment Support – provides prospective postgraduate applicants and continuing postgraduate students with an advisory service and enrolment support. This includes the management of institutional joint degree programmes. 

Postgraduate Funding and Support – provides information, administers financial support and also engages with broader institutional support structures for postgraduate students, typically as these relate to psycho-social support.
Postgraduate Skills Development Programme – provides information about and access to opportunities, events, workshops and resources at Stellenbosch University that can assist postgraduate students in their efforts to develop and enhance the graduate attributes required to complete their postgraduate studies and research journey.

Joint Degrees at Stellenbosch University – provides information and support with regard to what a joint degree entails, what the criteria are, what important considerations need to be taken into account and assists suitable candidates to identify a suitable partner university from the list of existing joint degree partners and to navigate the process.​​​

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Important announcements

Level 2 arrangements and other important matters 
Please see the following communique regarding level two arrangements that contain important information on assessments, student levies, booking of venues on campus, and health and safety protocols. You may click here for the communique.

Further applications to return to campus and access to facilities and services
Please read the communique regarding further applications to return to campus and access to campus facilities and services. Read more.

Emergency route for submitting formal assesments
Faculty-specific email addresses have been created to allow students an emergency route for submission during formal assessment opportunities should they experience SUNLearn technical difficulties when submitting files to SUNLearn. Read more.

Important notification regarding students returning to campus
Postgraduate students who require access to laboratories or technical equipment have been prioritised to return to campus. These students will receive individualised invitations to return to campus. For further information please click here. 
Response to Postgraduate Office survey
To help us understand the challenges you face, and ultimately better meet your needs, our Postgraduate Office recently conducted a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on postgraduate studies at SU. The responses have been carefully reviewed. Please click here for a document with useful information on what we are doing to address many of the concerns raised in the poll.

June data bundles, laptop delivery, examination dates and student fees ​news
This recent communication from the University outlines very important information. Please take note of the deadlines for June data bundles (from 15 May till 22 May) as well as the examination dates and starting times of the online assessments. Click here to read further. ​

Additional submission date for research Masters’ theses and doctoral dissertations
A special thesis or dissertation submission deadline of 1 March 2021 has been approved. For those Masters’ or PhD candidates who were on a trajectory to graduate in December 2020 or March 2021 but who have lost time due to the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown (for example, being unable to access primary or secondary sources). Candidates who want to take up this option have been requested to consult with their supervisor or promoter. For more information click here for the communication that was sent out to all SU students.  

The Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET) Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund 
The Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) aims to train quality PhD students and post-doctoral researchers at selected African universities ('African Host Universities') to address the human resource gap of highly qualified specialists in the fields of applied sciences, engineering, and technology (ASET) and to contribute to improving research and innovation capacities in those fields in SSA. RSIF PhD Scholarships are open to candidates interested in receiving international-quality PhD training. For more information click here. ​

National Research Foundation Scholarship Call 2021
​The ​National Research Foundation invites all 2021 postgraduate students to apply for funding support NOW. You should apply for this funding opportunity even if you are not sure if you are going to be accepted into postgraduate studies for 2021​. For more information click here​. 

Research Ethics Training Podcast Series Now Available

A series of short videos developed by the Division for Research Development REC: Social, Behavioral and Education coordinator, Clarissa Graham (cgraham@sun.ac.za) is now available for students to access via SUNLearn. The aim of the series is to explain some basic principles and information regarding the research ethics process. Please click here to access the podcasts. For further information on applying for Ethics clearance at SU click here

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