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​International Funding

​​​​​​​​​​​International research collaboration is seen as a crucial requirement for research excellence, networking and research capacity building at Stellenbosch University. Not only do SU researchers play key roles in leading international consortia investigating global issues, but res​earchers actively participate in the South African government's bilateral and trilateral science and technology agreements with more than 30 partner countries and in projects funded by international donors. In addition, researchers take part in international consortia in the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. Horizon 2020 grants awarded to SU researchers include research and innovation actions, coordination and support actions and research in innovation staff exchanges. These collaborations lead to a substantial increase in SU's​ revenue, creation and strengthening of extensive international networks, and more co-authored scientific articles.  

Stellenbosch University is a preferred destination for many top researchers from abroad, with leading international academics being appointed as visiting and extraordinary professors and PhD co-supervisors. Many of these foreign scientists spend extended periods at SU, and make an invaluable contribution to research and capacity building initiatives.

Likewise, SU researchers travel abroad to collaborate with international research partners, to act as external examiners of postgraduate studies, serve as experts on international advisory boards, editorial boards of accredited journals, or as review panelists for international funding agencies.

The Division for Research Development provides support for international research collaboration.​​

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​​​​user.pngLizél ​​Senekal
Manager: Multi-National Grants​
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