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​​The changing landscape of higher education makes effective research development and support a critical success factor in research-intensive higher education institutions. The Division for Research De​velopment (DRD) is tasked with the advancement, facilitation and support of research at Stellenbosch University (SU).​ Our support directly contributes to SU's ​core strategic themese ​as described in the strategic framework , in that it strengthens and grows the institutional knowledge base; ensures sustainability (in particular financial); promotes academic staff and postgraduate student success; and promotes diversity through research capacity development and support. This website will direct you to information on our areas of support, but will also provide you with institutional research-related information.​​​​​

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​The Stellenbosch University Council approved the following position statement on 28 November 2022 regarding tobacco:
"Stellenbosch University henceforth declines any engagement with the tobacco industry or ent​ities furthering the interests of the tobacco industry (this includes declining to receive financial support channelled from the tobacco industry)."

For enquiries, please contact Therina Theron or Cornelia Malherbe​.

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