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​The Postgraduate Studies Support unit supports currently enro​lled students and staff who are working with postgraduate students.

The Postgraduate Studies Support​ unit is responsible for maintaining the website content reflecting the postgraduate programme offering of the University. External prospective students wishing to enrol at Stellenbosch University (SU) are encouraged to review the Prospective Postgraduate Student website.

Current enrolled students who wish to study further at SU are welcome to consult this unit for advice and guidance on the available options. Alternatively, if a current enrolled student already knows what they would like to apply for, they can submit their application via the University's electronic application system​. ​​​​

Additional services include:

  • An advisory support service to all students, as well as to acade​mic and support staff within faculties pertaining to postgraduate enrolment procedures, assessment of foreign qualifications, eligibility of internationally qualified applicants for admission, English language requirements, and so forth;
  • The provision of supporting documentation for visa applications for international postgraduate students;
  • The administration of preparatory enrolments for degree-seeking students (pre-doctoral candidates);
  • Granting access to and training staff on the use of the Postgraduate Administrative Support System (PAS/ NAO);
  • Advising on the University's joint degree options.

Location.png​​​​ Room 3018, Krotoa BuildingRyneveld Street, Stellenbosch