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A/B plus D


(Level 1: Small-group discussions, hall based lectures, 12 CEU's including 3 ethic units)

8 x 1½-hour lectures, presentations and case discussions

Dates of lectures:

7 March, 11 April, 9 May, 6 June, 15 August, 12 September, 10 October, 7 November  2019

Venue: Markotter Suite, Markotter Sport Complex

Location: Cnr Koch and Suidwal Streets, Krigeville, Stellenbosch



(Level 2: Professional interest group, study PowerPoint presentations and videos of Option A, 12 CEU's including 3 ethic units)

PowerPoint slides of the sessions in option A (including additional material and a summary of the questions and answers during the sessions) will be available on the website as an alternative for those psychologists who are unable to attend the presentations. After studying the material on the web, practitioners must complete an online questionnaire on each session. A minimum pass rate of 70% is required to qualify for 1.5 CEUs per questionnaire. Log-in codes will be supplied to paid-up participants only.​ 



(Level 2: Professional interest group, 18 CEU’s including 3 ethic units)

Dates on which articles and questionnaires in Option D will be available: 15 and 30 April, 15 and 30 May, 15 and 30 June

Six topical journal articles (including one ethics article) on a variety of topics such as career counselling and development, psychotherapy, psychopathology, ethics, learning disorders and disabilities) will be placed on the website along with questionnaires to be completed online after the participant has studied the articles. A minimum pass rate of 70% is required to qualify for 3 CEUs per questionnaire. Log-in codes will be supplied to paidup participants only. These articles are not aimed at a specific registration category.

Option D may be studied as a stand-alone option or taken in combination with Option A or B.
Please note that only a combination of options, inclusive of Option C, will earn the required annual units (minimum of 30 units, including six ethics units). Any individual Option A, B or D does NOT comply with the number of units required for the year.​