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Camtasia Studio: A Self-Help Training Course

Do you want to create quality videos but do not have the software or the skills yet? Camtasia Studio is an easy to learn video editing programme that allows you to create and edit videos in depth.

This is a fully online course aimed at staff who want to create academic content to improve both their teaching as well as their students' learning experience. You complete the course in your own time and upon completion you receive a license to the full product as well as the license to the screen capturing software Snagit.​

Basic topics covered in the course

  • Record your screen
  • Record yourself
  • Basic sound editing
  • Splicing and attaching of media
  • ​And many more effects to play with

Expected outcomes of the course

In order to complete this course, you are expected to master the following basic outcomes:

  1. You must be able to create a video project
  2. You must be able to edit it in some way, and
  3. You must be able to publish it correctly.​​