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1. Just in Time Teaching, Engagement and Motivation

​​​​​​​​​​​1.1 Immediate feedback of conceptual understanding during lectur​es

SUNLearn Clickers


Clickers, also known as student response systems, are interactive technology that allows lecturers to pose a question to an entire class and immediately collect and view all their responses. The lecturer also has the option to share the feedback with the students.​

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1.2 Creating student engagement in large classes

Flipped classroom teaching with podcasts

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1.3 Bridging the gap of note ta​​king and language barriers

Lecture recordings


Podcasts refer specifically to audio files that can be downloaded and listened to on any device, anytime that the user prefers. The term is however generically used to also include audio files with or without video.

1.4 Encouraging student engagement through motivation

Gamification with SUNLearn badges


Badges are digital tokens that are allocated to groups or individuals for adhering to predetermined criteria. In SUNLearn, these tokens display on the students’ profiles as a form of recognition or achievement. Many exercise apps, medical schemes etc. make use of badges to motivate user engagement.

 1.5 Creating student engagement through immediate feedback and gamification

Socrative Quizzes


Socrative is a free online platform. It allows lecturers to pose questions on the fly, or create quizzes for students to complete individually or in groups. The group quizzes introduce a gamified environment where student teams compete against each other.