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Research Briefs 2024

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​​January - ​July 2024​

Eve De Coning (Norway) & Research Fellow SIGLA

Is the fight against IUU fishing  a case of shadow boxing?

Nate Allen, Africa Center for Strategic Studies and Research Fellow, SIGLA

Critical information infrastructure protection in Africa

Thomas Mandrup, RDDC & SIGLA, Stellenbosch University

The SAMIDRC mission in the DR Congo

George vanDyck,​ Plymouth University & Research Fellow SIGLA

Should Africa have an African Maritime Organisation?

Ronald Ti: King's College London

Expeditionar​y logistics. Lessons from the Ukraine war

Michelle Nel & Francois Vreÿ,​ Stellenbosch University​

Implications for Africa and rule of law from attacks on shipping in the Red Sea

Thomas Mandrup,​ RDDC & SIGLA Stellenbosch University

Lessons for SADC from SAMIM


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