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Cyber Security


SIGLA's focus relates to leadership and governance on the African continent with a focus upon landward and maritime matters.  The new Cyber@SIGLA project places a special emphasis on cyber warfare and cyber strategy and their role in terms of development within the military and security context.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our emphasis is on creating and giving effect to innovative partnerships across academia, industry, and government within the Southern Africa region which aim to strengthen cyber security competencies and promote cyber security resilience.

Strategic Focus Areas


Credible scientific research is a key element of developing the cyber knowledge base within the region.  Cyber@SIGLA also offers bespoke commissioned research services.


SIGLA is a provider of short courses on cyber specific content which are accredited by Stellenbosch University

Engagement and Social Impact

Through engagement with strategic partn​ers across academia, industry and government SIGLA aims to increase the visibility of cyber security challenges and solutions and assist with policy and strategic impact.



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Short Courses: See here

Press and Publications

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