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​ Act​ivity calendar​

Activities​: 2​022​​​​

Detail available under conference link

  • November 2022: Maritime security hybrid webinar with the RDDC at the KAIPTC, Accra ​Ghana on the Gulf of Guinea. (Completed)
  • October 2022: Seminar on future of peace missions in Africa- Findings from EPON in West, East and Southern Africa. (Completed)
  • September 2022: Seminar on the EU, South Africa and the Indo-Pacific. (Completed) 
  • July 2022: Seminar (Hybrid) Presentations and ideas workshop on an Integrated Maritime Security Strategy for SA (Co​mpleted)
  • May 2022: Webinar on defence economics and the SA defence budget (Completed)
  • March 2022:: Webinar - Aspects of  an INMSS for South Africa (Completed)

​Activities:​ 2​021

Detail available under conference link​

  • 18-February : Shipping security: Maritime aspects off Africa​ (University of Haifa, UFS & SIGLA) (Completed)
    See​ity & ​ Here ​for webinar publication​
  • May : Webinar on events in Northern Mozambique (Cancelled) ​
  • APR/May : 2x Webinar on defe​nce governance & oversight (SIGLA, CEMIS & SA Parliament) (Completed)
  • May : UNODC planning & Legal Experts Meeting St​ellenbosch​ (UNODC & SIGLA) (Postponed)
  • June : Parti​cipation in NMIOTC maritime security conference/webinar (Completed)
  • July : Turkey's drive in to Africa - Webinar (SIGLA & Coventry University / Kadar Has University (Completed)
  • September : Webinar on EPON - The future peace operations in Africa (SIGLA & Institute for Justice & Reconciliation  (Completed)
  • September : Maritime cyber security webinar - SIGLA and ISS Pretoria (Completed)
  • November : Webinar on military futures (Completed)

Activities: 202​​0​

Detail available under conference link​

  • ​20 February: Round Table on civil military relations :  Funded by Royal Danish Embassy, South Africa) Completed
  • 18-19 March: Conference event in Stellenbosch on security governance in African ungoverned spaces. Postponed to September​ COVID lockdown
  • April: RT on Climate Change (Cancelled COVID lockdown)
  • May: RT on Defence Budget Vote - implications for the SA National Defence Force (Cancelled COVID lockdown)
  • 17-18 September.  Webinar on African security governance (See detail under conferences and workshops dropdown) (Confirmed)
  • 29 September : Participation in NMIOTC maritime security webinar (Confirmed)
  • November: Launch of 2020 Stable Seas Index Planned for 1 day - ​week  16-19 November (Confirmed)

Activities: 2​​019​​

  • Border management Workshop with NCIS & DTRA, 24-26 July in Stellenbosch completed. Reports to appear as SIGLA Briefs by middle August
  • 6th Biennial International Conference on Strategic Theory postponed to first quarter of 2019 - more later.
  • Cyber security and strategy short course ​ 12-16 August 2019 in Cape Town
  • Danish-SIGLA Round Tables scheduled for September and November in Pretoria.
  • UNODC-SIGLA lecture series, 23-27 September 2019 in Stellenbosch
  • IORA-AG Workshop on maritime safety and security and tourism in the Western Indian Ocean planned for end of October in Pretoria.
  • Launch of Stable Seas Index of the One Earth Future Foundati​onand workshop scheduled for November at STIAS in Stellenbosch.

Activities:  ​​2018

  • Sea piracy trials: The lecture series on sea piracy trials (17-20 October 2018] is now scheduled for 2019. Judge Fernando (Seychelles) could not travel to South Africa due to medical reasons. Planned for Au​gust 2019.
  • Maritime Review Africa: A piece from Judge Fernando on piracy trials is due to appear in the November/December 2019 edition.​
  • Danish Round Table Nov 2018: Danish Round Table (scheduled for end of November 2018)  shifted to 31​ January 2019 due to travel schedule of the Danish Ambassador who is the host for the Round Table Series.
  • Border Management 2019: Border Management Workshop of 7-9 May 2019 shifted to 24-26 July 2019 due to announcement of May 2019 ​election dates.
  • Stable Seas Index: SIGLA, in co-operation with the SSI of One Earth Future will host the launch of the Africa SSI in Stellenbosch during November 2019.
  • ACUNS SIGLA Workshop. The SDG's and Security. 8-12 April, Saldanha, South Africa. See 2019 Workshops
  • ACUNS AM 2​019: Call for papers of the ACUNS AM 19-21 June 2019 in Stellenbosch South Africa is available on the official ACUNS web page.

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