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The military is central to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16, which focuses, among others on the need to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, free from fear and all forms of violence. Countries, as well as the international community, have the responsibility to protect (R2P) their citizens from crimes against humanity and mass atrocities. In this regard, South Africa has deployed military contingents under the SADC banner to intervene in armed conflicts in DR Congo (SAMIDRC) alongside the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) assisting the UN, and in Mozambique (SAMIM) where a violent insurgency is leading to the loss of lives and a humanitarian crisis. Within the country, the South African National Defence Force is increasingly deployed in domestic operations, to mitigate domestic threats and vulnerabilities. To ensure that the military complies with the mandate afforded to it, meets its obligations, and does not overstep its boundaries, all deployments whether external or internal are subject to parliamentary or civil oversight. Oversight ensures that the military is subject to scrutiny, does not abuse its authority, and serves the interests of the societies they have been commissioned to protect. This webinar focuses on the connection between SDG16 and the importance of civilian oversight, especially within the context of the expanding domestic deployment of the military. ​


​Prof Lindy Heinecken (Stell Univ): R2P, SDG 16 and the need for oversight

Dr W. J. van Rensburg (RF SIGLA Stell Univ)​:  Political oversight over domestic operations with an input from Murmur Analytics

Prof F. Vreÿ (Stell Univ) : Outlining the ​growth in domestic military deployments in South Africa

Date: Thursday 27 June 2024               Time: 13:30 - 15:00 (GMT+2)

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Expeditionary Logistics and Southern African Operations: What Next for the South African Military?

14 February 2024

(10:00-16:00 GMT+2) 

​Lunch break 12:00-13:00


This seminar will focus on the topic of both strategic and operational logistics and its influence on future regional African deployments. The speakers will show that the South African military must pay close attention particularly to lessons learnt for logistics emerging from the Russo-Ukrainian war. In the case of South Africa a re-examination of current supply and replenishment systems may also be required, including an evaluation of the role and functionality of commercial logistic contracting solutions. Lastly, a current 'best practice' model of expeditionary logistics will be proposed with the intention of provoking debate in South African military logistic circles.


Ronald Ti (King's College London) : Logistic lessons from ​​Ukraine

Evert Jordaan & Abel Esterhuyse (Stellenbosch University) : South African operational logistics

Roy Marais (RCM​ Strategic Sustainment Consulting) : A bottom-up view of logistics in the SA military

Eeben Barlow (Executive Outcomes) : Learning from the private military domain

Thomas Dur​ell-Young (US Naval Postgraduate School) ​: Why defence planning doesn't '​work'

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Presentations:   Ron Ti - ​  A Esterhuyse & E Jordaan  - Eeben Barlow -  Roy Marais -​  Thomas Young

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