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Shouting loud, but doing little?

On South Africa's role in relation to the African Peace and Security Architecture

Summary of events.

Thursday 15 SeptemberActivityParticipants
08.30-09.00Arrival and coffee in foyer All
09.00-09.10Welcome and introduction Prof Thomas Mandrup, RDDC
09.10-09.20Denmark in South African and AfricaAmbassador Trine R. Thygesen, Danish Ambassador to South Africa
09.20 – 10.40

1. South Africa in Africa and the AU

2. The status and future of the ACIRC/ASF Proxi and the ASF

3. The implementation of APSA/ASF – the political bargaining game

1. Prof. Anthoni van Niewkerk, Wits University

2. Col. Ngcobo and Mr. Bam – The African Union, Addis Ababa (TBC)

3. Dr. Jide Okede, AUPSOD – Academic angle

10.40-11.00Tea/Coffee break Photo session

1. The Civilian Dimension of the ASF

2. The State of the ACIRC/Proxi-RDC

3. The SADCSF/RDC – status and readiness- What did we learn from AMANI II

1. Mr James Machakaire, ACCORD

2. Prof. Malte Brosig, Wits University

3. Mr Roland Henwood, University of Pretoria


1. SANDF lessons learned from CAR

2. SANDF in DR Congo

1.Mr. Andre Roux, Independent Consultant

2. Prof. Thomas Mandrup, SIGLA/RDDC

15.00-15.20Tea/Coffee break 

1. ANC vision for the future role of the SANDF in Africa 

2. DA's vision for the future role of the SANDF in Africa

1. Hon Mnyamezeli Booi, MP ANC

2. Hon Shahid Esau (DA Deputy Shadow Minister for Defence and Military Veterans,)

16.40-17.30Discussion and round upProf Thomas Mandrup, SIGLA/RDDC
17.30-20.00Wine reception at STIAS venue All
Friday 16 September 2016 ActivityParticipants
08.30-09.00Arrival and coffee All
09.00-09.10Welcome by Programme DirectorMr Evert Jordaan, Stellenbosch University
09.10 – 10.30

1. The 2014 Defence Review and the ASF/ACIRC – Fig leaf or real capacity

2.South Africa in ASF/ACIRC –seen from the outside

1. Prof. Abel Esterhuys,  Dr Michelle Nel,

Stellenbosch University

2. Dr Vincent Mwange , University of Namibia

10.30-10.50Tea/Coffee break 

1. "Airlift – the Achilles Heel of Intervention Operations"

2. SANDF's potential future role: Defence Review 2015 -   Challenges &  future role in Africa and in the RSA

1. Mr Perie Franken DDSI (R&D Department) Armscor SOC Ltd ,  Col. Pieter Harmse, SANDF

2. Open discussion


1. The Future Role of the South Africa/SANDF in ASF-Proxi/ACIRC

2.The Future Role of the South Africa/SANDF in ASF-Proxi/ACIRC and ASF: Academic Angles

1. Brig. Gen. Chris Gildenhuys, SANDF


2. Prof. Francois Vreÿ, Stellenbosch University (SIGLA) 

14.40-15.20Wrap up and discussionsProf. Thomas Mandrup (RDDC / SIGLA)