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​​BIOGRIP Post Docs

Jared van Rooyen

Expertise and research interests

  • Environmental isotopes in the field of hydrology and geohydrology, with specific interests in isotopes in groundwater systems, residence time and groundwater sustainability.
  • Experienced in the installation, maintenance and analysis of liquid water isotope analyzers
  • Trained in field monitoring techniques of rain rain, river, soil and groundwater

BIOGRIP Research project

My research project is focused on urban isotopes in the City of Cape Town, where I am looking into groundwater supplementing domestic and industrial water supply as well as the return flow into the environment.

Contact details: jvan@sun.ac.za​

Wendy Stone


I obtained a PhD at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, in Environmental and Applied Science Management. I specialised in Environmental Microbiology and studied the impact of microbes on sulphide corrosion in deep geological repositories, informing the integrity of the long-term storage of nuclear waste.


The urban waste cycle and environmental health are the research areas I pursue most deeply, with expertise in chemical and microbiological analyses of soil, water, plants and surface-air interfaces. This includes water and wastewater analysis, land application of sewage sludge for agricultural productivity, the microbial health of the built environment, and exploring probiotic philosophy. I am particularly interested in the leap from fundamental to applied science, and in relationship-building between governmental, academic and private sectors


Our current work explores the agricultural risks and benefits when applying sludge wastes to land for crop growth in nutrient-poor sandy soils in the Western Cape.

Contact details: wstone@sun.ac.za