Student cards

New students

All students must obtain a student card after registration. You will need your student card for various purposes, so always carry it with you while on campus. Once you have registered, visit the applicable venue below. You will be asked for proof of registration and outstanding fees payment, and will then be issued with your card:

  • Neelsie Student Centre – for card issuing from Monday 22 January to Tuesday 13 February 2024. Cards will be issued daily between 8:00 – 16:00. Please note on Tuesday, 13 February 2024 cards will be issued until 13:00.
  • Admin A, IT Hub – for card issuing from Tuesday 13 February 2024 (from 14:00).

Students on the Tygerberg campus should consult their specific campus registration information for details regarding the collection of their student cards.

Returning students (reactivation of student card)

If you still have your student card of 2023 and will continue using it in 2024, you do not need to reactivate it. The card will be automatically reactivated once you have registered for the 2024 academic year and paid any outstanding fees from prior years.