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Academic Writing: Writing a Literature Review


This four day workshop is aimed at SU postgraduate students writing their literature reviews – whether as part of a research proposal, a thesis, or as an independent article. Various issues about writing a literature review will be addressed, such as the different types of literature reviews and ways of organising information in literature reviews. Also, how to effectively integrate information in a literature review while touching on issues regarding plagiarism and referencing will be discussed. The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to refine their literature reviews in an interactive, practical way and to receive answers about how to  appropriately integrate source sand develop their own academic voices.

Please note: This is a workshop, not a presentation. Participants will be required to work together and to discuss aspects of textual construction with each other.​

Contact and Booking Details 

Please note that we will confirm your successful registration on receipt. Booking is essential and places are limited. The following dates are tentative - we will notify you if anything changes.


This workshop opportunity is funded by the Postgraduate Office. There is no cost involved for registered SU postgraduates who sign up and attend, however, in the case of late cancellations or non-attendance, applicants will be responsible for the full workshop fee since late cancellations and non-attendance have considerable cost implications for our office.

Times, and format:

In-person workshops 
Stellenbosch central campus. Venue to be confirmed with successful applicants. 
Time: 09:00-13:00 

(Online sessions via Microsoft Teams) 
The workshop consists of two sessions per day:
Time: 09:00-13:00 (with short breaks in-between).​
Please note you must be available to attend all days of the workshop. The workshop material will only be be made available for those who attend. 

In-person 16-19 May 2023In-person 16-19 May 2023
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Online 18-21 July 2023Online 18-21 July 2023
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Online 5-8 September 2023Online 5-8 September 2023
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The Postgraduate Skills Programme reserves the right to move a workshop forward or to cancel it if there is not enough interest. Registrations close five days prior to the workshop or when the workshop is fully booked.
For enquiries please email pgskills@sun.ac.za. 


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