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​​​​​​​​Building your online researcher profile workshops

​​​​​​​These in-person workshops aim to teach you practical tools to build your researcher profile. 

Building your research narrative 

30 July 2024

This workshop covers how to craft a captivating researc​h narrative tailored for diverse audiences. This in-person workshop covers:

  • The principles of storytelling and how​​ to apply them to communicate complex research concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

  • Strategies to understand your target audience; tailoring your research narrative to resonate with different audiences. 

  • Platforms and channels to communicate your research effectively online. 

​Building your LinkedIn researcher profile 

27 August 2024

What makes for a good LinkedIn profile? This in-person workshop covers: 

  • The critical elements that make a LinkedIn profile stand out, offering tips and strategies to help you craft a compelling and eye-catching online representation of your professional and researcher identity.

  • The fundamental components of an effective LinkedIn profile, from your headline and summary to work experience and skills. Learn how to optimize each section to showcase your strengths and ambition.

  • Other lesser known functions of LinkeIn and how they can be leveraged to boost your online networking. 

Target audience for both workshops:

Registered SU postgraduate students.


These workshops are funded by the Postgraduate Office. There is no cost for registered SU postgraduates who sign up and attend, however, in the case of late cancellations or non-attendance, applicants will be responsible for the full workshop fee since late cancellations and non-attendance have considerable cost implications for our Office.​​​


Booking is essential and places are limited. Please note that we will confirm your place after receipt of your application.


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Click on the workshop sign-up link(s) below to secure your place(s).

​​The Postgraduate Skills Development Programme reserves the right to reshedule or to cancel a workshop if there is not enough interest. Registrations close five days before a workshop or when the workshop has reached capacity. 

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