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​General information 

We wish to draw to your attention a wonderful postgraduate funding opportunity to further your studies at Stellenbosch University. Online applications for the Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Scholarship Programme is now open. Stellenbosch University aims to become Africa's leading research-intensive university, globally recognised as excellent, inclusive and innovative, where we advance knowledge in service of society. ​Full and Partial Scholarships are available based on criteria set per faculty. International students may also apply. All scholarship awards will be made on condition that the applicant meets all of the requirements of the scholarship as well as the admission requirements of the relevant degree programme. Applicants are advised that the University may require additional information, over and above the information supplied in the application, in order to reach a decision about the suitability of any candidate for the award of a scholarship.

The University also retains the right to award, or not to award, scholarships to any persons who meet the eligibility, award, and/or preference criteria. Students who receive the maximum scholarship value may not receive additional/supplemental funding.

[Each faculty has a unique online application form - see Call for Postgraduate Scholarship Programme 2021 below]

Call documents: 

Applications OPEN for 2021

Closing date: 13 November 2020


The outcome of 2021 Applications: Mid-December


General information

Allocation of funds is subject to availability. The Postgraduate Support Bursary amount is not sufficient to cover all study costs and students should also apply for other bursaries and loans, and/or have supplementary funds available. Bursaries are paid, after receipt of the signed Declaration and completed financial planning, in March. Please note that needy students are classified as those who have a genuinely low family income. Students who experience financial problems because of lifestyle choices (housing, transport, education of offspring) do not qualify as such.



The Postgraduate Support Bursary is a resource for extremely financially needy students (SA citizens ONLY) registered with the University for postgraduate programmes a postgraduate diploma, an honours, Master's or doctoral degree. This scheme is available to full­time and part-time postgraduate students. Part-time students qualify for a smaller amount. ​


Financial need is determined by a means test that takes the following into consideration:

  • Gross Family income of R 350 000
  • Other bursaries received
  • Family size
  • Home Consumers' Index

Apply on http://my.sun.ac.za 


Applications OPEN for 2021

Closing date: 30 September 2020


Outcome of 2021 Applications: Mid-December