Private Accommodation

Accredited​ accommodation​​

Accreditation is granted based on the information provided on the application for​m. A site visit will be arranged within the year, if applicable.
There are three accreditation categories (The Student Accommodation Office is in the process of updating these lists).

The criteria for accreditation are published in the Stellenbosch University Guidelines for Off-campus Private Student Housing Accreditation.

Please take note of the following:

- It remains the landlord's responsibility to ensure that the accommodation is up to standard and complies with the guidelines throughout the year.
- It remains the student's responsibility to ensure that they understand the content of the lease agreement, the cost of accommodation, and their obligations as a lessee in terms of the lease agreement. The lease agreement is between the student and the landlord. SU is not a party to the agreement.
- Finally, it remains the prerogative of the student to choose suitable off-campus private housing.

Please direct all queries to privateaccomm@sun.ac.za.

​ ​ DISCLAIMER: The information is supplied by SU for general information purposes only.  SU will not be responsible for any error, omission or inaccuracy in advertising or promotional accommodation material. SU is not a party to any lease agreement entered into between a student(s) and landlord(s). SU will not become involved and does not accept liability for any issues arising out of the operation of the lease, payment of rent and/or disputes between the parties to the lease agreement and/or service delivery.