Code 2040

Stellenbosch University’s (SU) Code 2040 was created in 2022 and represents the combined input of various role players in the student and staff populations. The aim of the Code is to provide a mechanism to guide and manage organisational integrity and ethical culture at SU, and to promote and maintain ethical behaviour in the conduct of SU’s business with its stakeholders. Click here to read the full Code 2040 document.

Our Pledge

In recognition of the principles outlined in Code 2040, Stellenbosch University pledges itself to ethical behaviour at all times, specifically relating to excellence in our work, respect and compassion in our interaction with others, and accountability for our actions. Our pledge is outlined below.

Code 2040 Pledge v3.png

To “translate” the Code into action, we’ve asked staff and students for examples of actions that they would associate with the three components in the pledge. We’ve structured their insights and feedback thematically, with the column to the left representing staff feedback and the on to the right student feedback. Please click on the components below to access these actions: